About Addicted to Counterfeit Love

Vikki addresses the emotionally crippling behavior of being addicted to counterfeit love.Some people have become so conditioned to being in a pattern of unsatisfying and spiritually draining relationships that they can't recognize what a truly genuine and loving partnership should be. They become accepting of the lies, anguish and humiliation and train themselves to become numb to the emotional pain. When someone does come along who bestows upon them love, honor and respect, quite frequently they sabotage the relationship simply because they cannot identify it.


The negative cycle they are caught up in has them addicted to the counterfeit--the deceptive, fraudulent behavior that weakens their capacity to trust.


The words of wisdom that Vikki Johnson delivers will help readers identify destructive behavior and encourage them to demand the love that they are entitled to. God wants us to be in healthy, loving relationships, but our body, soul and spirit must be in harmony in order for these unions to succeed.


The faith-based messages throughout the book will help readers get on the pathway to loving God and themselves the way God designed.

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Vikki Johnson
Vikki Johnson