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Sacred Sister Leader Luxury Weekend

I wondered what would happen if women leaders and women with vision came together at one of my FAVORITE places with good food, no agenda and open hearts? Where is that? THE BEACH! SSLN Brunch is a Sunday morning gathering at a beautiful beachfront hotel where women come together to share ideas, lend support and genuine collaborative energy in the spirit of sacred sisterhood. This is another passion of mine and rest assured we will get together again!

Girltalk Unplugged Getaway

I started "Girl Talk" in 2000 as an intimate, informal and unscripted quarterly gathering for women who listened to me on the radio daily. My ultimate dream is a destination "retreat like" space for women to unwind, relax, get restored and deepen relationship with God and themselves. I love the water and I love beautiful places, good food, good music and LOTS of dancing. Combine these things with my passion for sacred sisterhood and my commitment to see women empowered, inspired, and mobilized into their best selves and you'll grasp my vision for Girl Talk Unplugged The Ultimate Getaway. This amazing weekend on a beautiful waterfront property brought together over 250 women who shared stories, feminine power, and pure love. Stay tuned for another experience.

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Vikki Johnson
Vikki Johnson